Golu (right) was a student at Duniya Education and later a proud student of Duniya Generation.


Today we got the sad news that our former DG student Golu passed away. Golu was diagnosed with multidrug-resistant TB in 2017, this means that the most effective medication is no longer working. He had to undergo a very heavy treatment with special medication causing many side effects. Golu struggled a lot with this treatment. It’s tough and his parents did not really believe in the 24 months of (expensive) medication. So he didn’t have much support from home. We believed in the treatment and he got much support from Duniya. But it didn’t work out. His body gave up and that is very tragic. We loved you very much Golu and we will always do!

If you would like to remember Golu with us, please share a few words on Duniya Generations’ Facebook page. The other Duniya Generations students are very sad about this news and will appreciate it a lot. So will our staff. 

Golu in front of his house.

Golu’s treatment was hard and our Duniya staff was in close contact. Here, Raj-ji visits his student.