Duniya Foundation (1996) was originally founded as Stichting Nagwa, because our work is focused around the inhabitants of the Nagwa slums in Varanasi, India. In 2005, we merged with Stichting Intazaar, and we continued under the name Duniya, which means world in different languages. In addition, it has an energetic sound: done yeah!  Now, besides India, we are also active in Vietnam.

The organization of Stichting Duniya is transparent and clear. Our projects in India and Vietnam are run locally by local staff, and are paid for their work. The Dutch Board of Stichting Duniya works entirely on a voluntary basis.


In the twenty years since our establishment, our initiative in India has grown into a small, stable organization with its day-to-day management in the hands of our capable and dedicated Indian employees. Under the banner of Duniya Education our teachers care for more than eighty inquisitive children every day, who are served a nutritious meal during the lunch break by the cook at Duniya Nutrition. Quite often the only hot meal they eat in a day. In the meanwhile, the first generation of Duniya Generation moved on to secondary education in 2009. The expenses for this external education are of course carried by Duniya. Since 2007, the Duniya Decoration sewing room also worked hard on handmade items that are delivered to our customers. The studio doesn’t make a profit yet, but the women of Nagwa working there have secured a modest but regular income.


Since 2007, we are also active in Vietnam, where Duniya Operation, in close cooperation with the Hanoi-based relief organization C2-DSFDC (Direct support for Disabled Children), finances operations for physically handicapped children of mostly ethnic minorities from Vietnam’s remote mountain villages in the Northwest on the border with Laos and China. We support a rehabilitation centre in the town of Lai Chau.

In addition, where necessary, Duniya offers direct assistance in the form of micro donations, micro-credits, or medical (emergency) assistance in both India and Vietnam. We have therefore established an emergency fund that we may call on in case of situations that make it necessary to act immediately (hospitalization, the rebuilding of a collapsed house, an accident etc.)

Stichting Duniya works on a strictly secular basis. We receive no subsidies, but are completely dependent on private donations.

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